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...my place lifestyle

Resident FAQs

Q. Will the fridge and microwave be incorporated in the …my place lifestyle units?

A. Yes, undercounter fridge and small microwave; i.e. not convection, rotisserie, etc.

Q. When is transfer and occupation of Northbank One …my place lifestyle suites anticipated to take place?

A. February/March 2015

Q. How many units are in …my place lifestyle at Stellendale?

A. 88 in Northbank One, 206 in Northbank 2, +/- 550 in Southbank.

Q. What is the anticipated rental for …my place lifestyle suites excluding compulsory residency levy?

A. From R3,400 for single occupancy and from R3,800 for double occupancy.

Q. What are the monthly costs likely to be for a resident?

A. Projected monthly costs are likely to be approximately:
Single occupancy: R3,400.
Dual occupancy from: R3,800.

For more details see the Rentals page »

NB These are estimates only - accurate costs will be available close to the time of taking occupancy.


Q. What about utilities?

A. Electricity is supplied via individual pre-paid meters; water is also pre-paid.

Q. How much will it cost for medical screening?

A. Compulsory medical screening is free of charge

Q. What is the miniumum age for residents?

A. Residents must be at least 50 years of age

Q. What level of assistance is available should a resident be unable to live independently?

A. Northbank One ...my place lifestyle has a frailcare facility


Sales FAQs

Q. Are the bond and transfer costs included in the sales price?

A. Yes, except initiation and valuation fees.

Q. How many residential units have been sold in Stellendale Village to date?

A. 443 plus another 42 under construction.

Q. What are the monthly costs likely to be for an investor?

A. Projected monthly costs are:
Levy including insurance: R450.
Rates and taxes: R100 – R120.

There is an appointed rental management agency whose lifestyle and investment management fee is 10% of the rental income.

NB These are estimates only - accurate costs will only be available upon purchase of a suite or suites.

Q. Will my unit be tenanted before I take transfer?

A. Yes, if the sale is confirmed. Occupational rent to seller until transfer.

Q. Is the rental income gross or nett?

A. Gross.

Q. What is the ROI (return on investment) range?

A. This depends upon many variables that vary from case to case. Article 13 of the SA Income Tax Act improves return by about 1.5% to 1.8%. Enquire about The Visual Property Club to find out more about this great tax-saving and wealth building opportunity.

Q. What is the anticipated capital escalation over a 2-year term?

A. We work conservatively on about 6%.


Q. Is there an age restriction on ownership?

A. None, only on residency.


Q. How much profit goes to the seller upon sale of a suite?

A. 100% profit goes to the seller.



  • 24-hour manned security
  • Controlled-access village
  • Fully secured perimeter
  • Serviced suites and cottages
  • Services include meals, cleaning and laundry
  • People-centred lifestyle and care
  • Maintenance management agreement
  • Brand new product for a niche market in SA
  • DStv enabled
  • Internet/Intranet connectivity coming soon
  • Generous open spaces
  • Near the Zevenwacht Shopping Centre
  • Next to proposed Integrated Rapid Transport route
  • Well situated for major transport routes
  • Easy access to Cape Town airport, Bellville, Stellenbosch and the Cape Winelands